My name is Grahame Green and I am very lucky to both live and work within the grounds of Frieslawn Farm which affords a multitude of different backdrops for photo shoots.


For the most part self taught, I have worked and studied hard over the past few years in order to stand alongside those that have been in this profession a lot longer. Within the first year of picking up a camera I was shooting my first wedding single handed, and most certainly hit the ground running! Looking back, I was probably far from ready but the clients were over the moon with the results and so was I.


This has become my work ethic - to push myself beyond my comfort zone.


As photographers, we have the great advantage to be creative at all times, and each shoot is an opportunity to choreograph a wonderful experience and be problem solvers. I could be on an outdoor shoot where I'm at the mercy of the elements or maybe on a badly lit interior shoot, but to me this means it's time to break out some umbrellas or pull in some extra lights and to get creative, and work with the surroundings rather than against them. If we want a controlled enviroment then we can retreat to the studio.


I like to test my abilities and not to turn down any photography challenge that arises.  I have found that every kind of photography I have undertaken thus far has had elements of skill that I can use in other areas.


These past fews years, I have met many wonderful people in all sorts of environments and settings, and have enjoyed working with them and with the opportunites and challenges that have faced me as a result, and always look forward to the reactions of those for whom I have worked or met when they see my work. 


Grahame Green by Sarah

Introducing Sarah

Also introducing Sarah, who often works with me and is my glamourous assistant (!), and we are delighted to annouce that we have recently got married! 


Sarah has been a photographer for most of her life, and her speciality is colourful people pictures.  See her website for Candidly Purple Photography www.candidlypurple.co.uk, if you wish to view her amazing images.


She is also very good at organising me, assisting with marketing, responding to emails on my behalf, social media posts, and her favourite task is liaising with people on shoot days to ensure that we provide you with the best experience you can have!  



Sarah by Grahame

Get in touch

To book a shoot now, use the hassle-free online form, call me on 07790 909182, message us on Shot-Photography Facebook or simply stop by in person.


We look forward to hearing from you!



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